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GPS Trackers to Help Secure Your Business

GPS Trackers to Help Secure Your Business

Businesses trust GPS devices and software to give them diverse security features. The GPS trackers and security concerns that affect one business might not matter as much to another company. For example, a retail store might use GPS trackers to prevent theft, while a logistics company uses GPS trackers to improve driver safety.

Regardless of why your business needs GPS, LandAirSea has a device and software to help you reach your goals. In this post, you'll learn why businesses trust GPS devices from LAS and how you can use different units to improve security for your company.

Common Security Concerns for Businesses

Stop Shoplifters

According to the National Association of Shoplifting and Theft Addiction Specialists (NASTAS), companies lose about $13 billion per year to theft. GPS trackers and security teams could work together to prevent many of those thefts, especially when thieves target high-priced items.

Install discreet GPS trackers on electronics, tools, vehicles, expensive clothing, and other merchandise that attracts thieves.

The LAS 54 should meet this need well. It has a small build that's less than an inch high and under 2.3 inches deep. It's small enough that you could put it inside a desktop computer or luxury handbag. A long battery life of between one to three weeks also helps you protect merchandise without recharging your GPS unit frequently. 

Give the item's location information to law enforcement to track the stolen merchandise. They might recover it for you. Even if they can't recover the item, they might prevent a thief from stealing more things from your business.

Reduce Employee Theft

Unfortunately, most theft comes from your own employees. On average, a shoplifter will take about $462 of merchandise per theft. A single case of employee theft has a value of over $1,550, on average.

You probably don't want to believe your employees would steal from you, but they're often the worst offenders. 

When businesses trust GPS units to track locations, they can put more faith in their employees. Just make sure everyone knows you have a robust security system that includes stealthy GPS trackers. Hopefully, that will prevent anyone from taking advantage of you. If someone does steal from your business, you can use the tracker to find the culprit and take the appropriate actions.

The LAS 54 makes an excellent option for improving this area of your security strategy.

Receive Alerts From Vehicles With Unauthorized Drivers

If your business owns vehicles, you want to ensure people only use them for authorized tasks. It's difficult to keep track of cars, vans, and trucks when several employees have access to them. The larger your fleet and staff is, the harder it is to manage vehicle access.

The LAS Silvercloud app makes it easier than ever to track vehicle locations and prevent people from using them outside of work tasks. Create a boundary that you don't want vehicles to cross. (For example, you might draw a border around your parking lot.) If someone crosses that line, you will receive an alert. That way, you can immediately investigate the situation. When necessary, you can contact law enforcement and have the vehicle stopped.

The LAS SYNC is a great GPS tracker for any vehicle with an OBD-II port. The tracker plugs directly into the port, so it never runs out of power. 

The SYNC often sells for about $25, making it an affordable option for your business regardless of how many vehicles you own.

Of course, you can also use the LAS SYNC to prevent thefts. That's a big security concern right now because car theft numbers have increased over the last couple of years.

Protect Your Outdoor Assets

Many companies need to leave large, expensive assets outdoors. For example, construction contractors might need to keep heavy-duty vehicles on worksites for weeks or months at a time. Bringing them back to your headquarters at the end of every day would simply take too much time and money.

Of course, outdoor assets can look appealing to thieves. Even if you have a security guard on duty, they can't see everything that happens. An experienced thief could sneak in, access your equipment, and get away before the guard hears or sees anything.

That changes when you put GPS trackers and security guards together.

You have a few options for stopping people from taking your outdoor assets. With Silvercloud, you could:

  • Create a border that sends you an alert when someone tries to take your asset.
  • Give the security guard access to your software so they can track locations in real time.
  • Use the GPS tracker's historical data to help police find the missing item and arrest the culprit. 

The LAS Overdrive is probably your best option for protecting outdoor assets. It has a long battery life that can last up to four weeks. In Low Power Mode, the battery can stay charged for a year.

Other benefits of the LAS Overdrive include its:

  • Waterproof design
  • Built-in strong magnet that lets you hide the tracker
  • Inconspicuous size (it's just slightly larger than the LAS 54)
The Overdrive costs more than the LAS 54, but it's a terrific device for businesses that want to track outdoor assets without recharging batteries often.

What Types of Businesses Trust GPS Most?

Some industries rely on GPS technology more than others. The businesses that trust GPS most tend to include those in:
  • Airport operations
  • Big box retail
  • Supply chain logistics
  • Ecommerce
  • Waste management
  • Home health care
  • Law enforcement
  • Rentals

LAS has experience helping businesses in diverse industries choose the right GPS trackers for their needs. You can find a list of the industries we work with here. Even if you don't see your industry on the list, we can probably help you select an LAS GPS tracker. 

For more information, reach out to Ian will take time to learn about your unique security and GPS tracking needs. Then, you can choose a unit and subscription plan that's just right for your business's security.

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