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How to Protect and Grow Your Cannabis Business With GPS Tracking

How to Protect and Grow Your Cannabis Business With GPS Tracking

What Is GPS Tracking?

GPS stands for Global Positioning System and is part of the Global Navigation Satellite System used to pinpoint the precise location of GPS devices located anywhere globally. This network comprises 24 satellites orbiting the Earth and can accurately detect the device's signal in real-time.

GPS devices can be easily applied to various items to track progress and other specific details. Common uses for these devices include tracking vehicles, tracking shipments, and tracking people. These highly effective GPS tracking devices are used extensively throughout many industries to help top companies monitor and track assets and shipments to help protect them from loss and other problems.

One industry, in particular, that is benefiting from this type of service is the cannabis industry. They have specific needs that require them to track and monitor shipments to prevent loss and stay compliant or to prevent losses.

How Is GPS tracking Used in the Cannabis Industry?

GPS tracking is used to monitor all stages of production and distribution of cannabis, from seed to sales. These devices help to monitor cannabis on every level to ensure it remains in place in the hands of authorized employees.

If there is any deviance or missing assets, the GPS tracking system alerts the company to this activity, and they can monitor the data the GPS tracking device provides. These devices relay more than just the location of any asset; they also offer a wealth of other statistics, such as historical data, time, movement, location, and more.

It's easy to see why this is an enormous benefit to cannabis companies. They can effectively reduce losses, track and monitor their products, and provide security and safety for each party involved in the cannabis production and distribution process.

Why You Need GPS Tracking for Cannabis

GPS tracking is becoming essential for the cannabis industry because it operates under unique circumstances. There are issues related to banking requirements that make it nearly impossible for newly established operations to access any banks or banking features other businesses rely on for their daily transactions. 

Therefore, there is a need to conduct business using sizeable sums of cash. Of course, this poses many issues for not only the cannabis company but the drivers too. Having GPS tracking devices on the vehicles and shipments allows the company to protect themselves, the driver, vehicles, and other company assets.

If criminals attempt to steal an asset of a cannabis company, they have accurate information to locate its whereabouts and protect the driver from implications related to this activity. Having GPS tracking helps authorities find the shipment or assets and prevent them from being distributed or changing hands.

Compliance Protocols

There is an increasing number of states legalizing cannabis for both recreational and medical use. This also creates new compliance protocols for those states. For instance, California requires that all cannabis shipments have GPS tracking for every shipment.

That means any company operating in California needs the services of a top GPS tracking company that provides products and services designed to meet these requirements. There are also states like Michigan that have similar compliance rules in effect.

However, keep in mind that as more and more states begin to legalize cannabis on some level, there will be more requirements for tracking and monitoring cannabis assets across the board. Whether it is seed to sale or just for shipments, most companies will need to have reliable GPS tracking in place.

Whether or not your state requires this measure yet, you should still consider implementing this approach to increase your company's security and help reduce theft, losses, and other common issues facing the cannabis industry. You have the opportunity to see where your products are located clearly and any historical data or relevant information you need to monitor progress and prevent blind spots.

You'll also be able to adjust to new procedures and regulations as they are enacted without any sudden changes to your business process or the sudden need to find a GPS product and services provider. If they are already in place, you'll be ready to follow any compliance measures and stay on top of your business transactions daily.

Team Up With GPS Tracking Experts

Now is the time to team up with industry leaders in providing top-notch GPS tracking products and services. Companies operating within the cannabis industry across the country have a great need for this type of service. There are too many risk factors and catches associated with growth, harvesting, and distribution not to integrate GPS tracking into the daily flow of business.

Reach out to LandSeaAir Asset Management today to get a quote for services. We have the experience, tools, and experts necessary to get your cannabis business implemented with GPS tracking so you can have peace of mind and security in a booming market with growing needs.

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