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Paddle to Perfection: Utilizing a GPS System to Elevate Your Kayaking and Canoeing Experience

Paddle to Perfection: Utilizing a GPS System to Elevate Your Kayaking and Canoeing Experience

Around 18.6 million Americans went kayaking in 2021, while 9.2 million people in the US went canoeing. Whatever paddling activity you choose, GPS systems can elevate your experience by offering real-time speed, distance, and location data when on the water. 

The best systems for kayaking and canoeing are GPS trackers, which you can attach to your lightweight boat with cables or magnets to generate insights about safety and performance. For example, you can find out how fast you're traveling in your vessel or your exact position on a lake or other body of water.

Learn more about how GPS systems improve kayaking and canoeing below! 

Locate Your Canoe or Kayak

One of the ways GPS systems elevate the canoeing and kayaking experience is by providing real-time location information about your vessel. By attaching a GPS tracker to your canoe or kayak, you can track its whereabouts when you are not using it and quickly locate it if it goes missing. 

So how is this possible? A GPS tracker works by receiving signals from satellites in the Global Positioning System (GPS). The tracker determines the exact location of any object attached to it, such as a canoe, and sends location data to an app on your smartphone or tablet. That lets you see the whereabouts of your canoe or kayak on a live map at any time. LAS' GPS trackers, for example, connect to the Silvercloud app, available on Android and iOS devices. 

Say you leave your kayak somewhere on the shore of a busy lake and can't remember where you put it. You can open up a mobile app, see the location of your kayak, and retrieve it. As long you attach a charged GPS tracker securely to your canoe or kayak, you will always be able to find your item! 

Prevent Theft of Your Canoe or Kayak

GPS systems, like those made and sold by LAS, can also prevent someone from stealing your vessel. If your item goes missing, you can check its live location on your smartphone or tablet and take swift action, which will improve your canoeing or kayaking experience.

LAS' trackers come with Sharespot technology, allowing you to share the whereabouts of your vessel with law enforcement quickly. By sending location data to the authorities, they might be able to help you find your canoe or kayak and catch the person who stole it. 

You can also receive notifications on your smart device when someone moves your canoe or kayak from its original location, indicating theft. By creating a geofence — a virtual boundary around an area such as a lake shore — on the Silvercloud app, you'll instantly know when your vessel leaves its original spot. You can then view the location of your item as it moves to a new destination. 

Get Speed and Distance Information

GPS systems can also generate information about the speed and distance you travel on your canoe or kayak, which can improve performance. For example, you can learn how far you traveled on your vessel within a specific time. GPS systems calculate speed and distance through a process called trilateration, which measures how long it takes a system to receive signals from GPS satellites. 

GPS trackers are the most effective products for calculating speed and distance because they are small enough to fit inside your pocket or attach to various components of your canoe or kayak. Traditional handheld GPS devices are big and bulky and might distract you when on the water or weigh your vessel down. 

LAS' GPS trackers also generate real-time speed notifications on your mobile device, so you always know how fast you travel when canoeing or kayaking, which will enhance your overall experience. You can customize these notifications in the Silvercloud app.

Protect Yourself on the Water

Canoeing and kayaking can pose safety hazards, such as getting lost in a body of water or your vessel capsizing. While these instances are rare, it's best to prepare for any emergency that might put you at risk. GPS systems provide peace of mind by tracking your location at all times and letting you share your whereabouts with search and rescue teams. Some systems generate information about water currents and adverse weather events, which can prevent you from paddling in unsafe conditions. 

LAS devices make it easy to send location data to the authorities, thanks to Sharespot technology. In an emergency, you can share your GPS coordinates via the Silvercloud app with a few finger swipes and ask for help. 

Improve Navigation

GPS systems can also improve canoeing and kayaking by letting you find the best locations for these activities, such as lakes in your area with calm waters. These products can help you plan your next canoeing or kayaking trip with your friends and ensure everyone has a good experience. 

LAS' GPS trackers let you save your favorite paddling locations in the Silvercloud app for future reference. You can also mark locations that might not be suitable for canoeing or kayaking, such as areas with underwater hazards. 

How LAS Can Elevate Canoeing and Kayaking

If you enjoy canoeing, kayaking, or both, GPS systems can enhance your experience by locating your equipment, preventing theft, improving navigation, and generating speed and distance information. LAS' GPS trackers are smaller and more discrete than traditional systems and provide additional features through the Silvercloud app, such as geofence and speed alerts. Here are some of the company's products you should know about:

LandAirSea 54

You can attach the LandAirSea 54 to various areas of your canoe or kayak, including under the seat or in the hatch. Because this product is waterproof, it's a good choice for canoeing and kayaking. Other features include Sharespot, speed alerts, geofence alerts, Instafence, and a dark mode. The 54 also has a long-lasting battery that can last for several weeks before you need to charge it.

LandAirSea Sync

While the LandAirSea Sync can't attach to your canoe or kayak, it's a valuable piece of equipment for protecting your car when you go canoeing or kayaking. You can plug the Sync into your car's OBD II port and receive geofence alerts on your phone or tablet if someone moves the vehicle from its original location, indicating theft. The Sync requires no batteries or charging.

LandAirSea Overdrive

The LandAirSea Overdrive attaches to your canoe or kayak with magnets and offers speed alerts, battery alerts, and a dark mode. It also has a battery that can last three to four times longer than the 54, making it a great choice when planning multiple paddling activities this summer. 

Not sure which GPS tracker to use for canoeing or kayaking? Contact LAS to find the most suitable product for your circumstances. 

Have a Better Canoeing and Kayaking Experience With LAS

For almost 25 years, LAS has pioneered GPS surveillance technology. The company works with various industries, including law enforcement and border control. Whether you choose the 54, Overdrive, or Sync for canoeing or kayaking, you can benefit from excellent customer service and affordable pricing.  

Order a GPS tracker for canoeing or kayaking today, or email to learn more about GPS trackers for your use case. 

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