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Asset Tracking


No matter what type of industry you’re in, it is critical to know where your assets are at all times. You need to be able to reassure customers that their orders will be delivered promptly. You should know the locations of vehicles to ensure the most efficient operations and meet customers’ expectations. It’s also important to be aware of whether operators are keeping their end of the bargain and focusing on their jobs. Whatever types of fleet vehicles or other essential equipment you have, LandAirSea offers real-time asset tracking. With our asset tracking devices, you can locate the things you value with confidence.

Providing Peace of Mind

Our asset GPS tracking solutions deliver pinpoint accuracy, showing real-time locations within six feet. They can be synced with geofence information to alert you immediately if an operator or asset strays from the approved route or delivery area. With speed alerts, you can receive a notification the instant a driver exceeds the preapproved safe driving speed.

These asset tracking solutions serve a variety of functions across a wide spectrum of industries. They can be used virtually anywhere a company needs to monitor golf carts, construction machinery, delivery vans or high-priced retail items. The industries we serve include airports, e-commerce, event management, limousine companies, government institutions, private investigators, and much more. We offer a broad range of asset GPS tracking devices with features that can match almost any need. These devices include:

Effective, Affordable Tracking

With high-quality, easy-to-use solutions from LandAirSea, you can confirm the locations of assets at a glance. We offer powerful devices that provide the necessary accuracy at a competitive price point. Take a look at our complete lineup of products, then contact us today to add these valuable capabilities to your fleet.