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Passive Software Walkthrough

Knowing what each icon on the Passive Tracker software means will help determine what is happening with your device when it is on the vehicle. This easy to follow guide will help you better understand the icons and options that are offered to you on this software.

Here are the different features assigned to each icon along with a description of what that feature does.



*Map Options (Top left corner)

- Road map

- Satellite map

*Get/Upload new data from device

- Allows the user to select specific .las file from device or computer to upload into the portal

* File Vault

- This is where uploaded files are stored for 14 days on basic account or 1 year on premium cloud account

* User Settings

- Can change account name, password, timezone, measurement units, data filter for car vs. plane or none, and speeding events

*Log Out

Other options open up once a file is loaded onto the screen. This will be all of the playback options and report generation that will show up.