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5 Benefits of Snow Plow GPS Fleet Tracking

5 Benefits of Snow Plow GPS Fleet Tracking

As winter approaches, you need to take some time to inspect the snowplows in your fleet to make sure they work as expected. You don't want any unexpected delays when clients start calling during the first snowfall of the year. This is the perfect time to add or update snow plow GPS tracking equipment to your fleet.

Not sure why you need snow plow GPS tracking? Consider how these four benefits will make your business more productive and profitable.

Improve Safety by Monitoring Driving Behavior

Safe driving can improve your brand reputation and lower your business's insurance bill. If people see your vehicles traveling at high speeds, cutting off other drivers, or putting people in danger, they will quickly form a negative impression of your company. Let your drivers know that GPS tracking equipment gives you real-time information about their behavior. Most employees will drive more courteously when they know someone at the office can review their behaviors.

Insurance rates can increase by more than 50% when your driver causes an accident. Safe driving can't ensure that your employees never have accidents. It does, however, significantly lower risks. Keep your fleet insurance rates as low as possible by monitoring driver habits. Your insurance company might even offer discounts when you can show them that your drivers follow the rules of the road.

Save Fuel by Optimizing Routes

Prices for diesel and unleaded gasoline are expected to remain high through the winter season. The national average for diesel should hover around $3.50 for the rest of 2021 and the beginning of 2021. While much cheaper than 2008 prices, when diesel peaked at $4.763 per gallon, consumers haven't seen diesel fuel prices above $3.35 since 2014.

Gasoline prices will also remain high. Usually, gasoline prices fall slightly as fuel stations switch to a cheaper winter blend, but that's unlikely for 2021, meaning that average gasoline prices will probably stay close to $3.19 per gallon.

Snowplow GPS tracking helps you take control of your fuel costs by optimizing routes. The less distance your vehicles travel, the less money you spend on fuel. Large snowplows require a lot of fuel to do their difficult jobs, so shaving a few miles off each route could lead to significant savings.

Increase Productivity to Serve More Clients

Choosing efficient routes does more than decrease the distance your snowplows travel, and it also makes your fleet more efficient so they can serve more clients. When drivers spend less time traveling between clients, they can clear more roads, private drives, and parking lots during their shifts. That puts more money into your company's account and increases client satisfaction.

Using snow plow GPS tracking could improve your fleet's productivity so much that you can accept additional clients without compromising the quality of your services. Adding a couple of new clients to your list could mean that you earn thousands more during the season. The increased productivity will likely cover the cost of GPS equipment and more.

Now, you have a more profitable snowplow fleet, and you can dedicate those profits to buying new vehicles and expanding your business.

Recover Stolen and Missing Vehicles

How much would it cost to replace one of your snow plows? $150,000? $200,000? Even with insurance covering some of the replacement cost, you could find yourself spending thousands of dollars on a new snowplow that works quickly and effectively. Of course, your insurance company will not like spending money on a replacement, which often means your premium increases.

Snowplow GPS tracking helps you avoid those expenses. Perhaps even more importantly, it enables you to avoid the headache and downtime of a missing vehicle. When equipment goes missing, you have to scramble to find a way to finish work that the snowplow was supposed to complete that day. It could take weeks before you get a reliable replacement, which creates many opportunities for lost revenue.

Snowplow GPS tracking shows you the precise location of every vehicle in your fleet. If someone steals your plow — or it somehow gets misplaced — you can retrieve it easily. In the case of theft, you will want to contact the police; recovering the vehicle on your own could mean encountering dangerous criminals.

Finding a stolen snowplow becomes so much easier when you can give the police an exact location. Without that information, they can only keep their eyes open during daily patrols. Quite frankly, it's not likely that they will find your equipment unless the thieves make a serious error or commit an incredible number of crimes that draw the police's attention.

Keep Customers Informed of Your Progress

Your commercial customers don't want to visit properties to make sure you have plowed roads, parking lots, and other areas. GPS tracking lets you show them your progress in real-time so they can see where your plows are and whether you have served their properties yet.

You could even improve your customer services by automatically reaching out to clients when you finish their jobs. A GPS map will reassure them that the work has been completed and that they do not need to worry about their properties.

Find Snowplow GPS Tracking Equipment From LandAirSea

LandAirSea specializes in GPS tracking equipment and services, including snowplow GPS fleet tracking. You can start by browsing our catalog to find products that seem appropriate to your snowplow fleet.

If you're not sure which snow plow GPS tracking equipment meets your needs, contact us at 847-462-8100 or through the other options available on our website.

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