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Asset and Inventory Management Protection with GPS

Asset and Inventory Management Protection with GPS

Most modern companies have got inventory management down to a fine art. Supply chains flow like rivers, with products moving seamlessly from production plants to store shelves in record time. 

How do these companies do it? With the latest tech, of course!

GPS trackers are the foundation of that tech. These super-smart devices optimize inventory management by tracking stock as it moves from one location to another and then another. Warehouse. Cargo ship. Truck. Shop floor. These tracking systems protect valuable assets against theft and damage and make sure products get to customers on time. Manufacturers, retailers, and logistics providers always know the location of their inventories. Everyone's happy.

GPS doesn't just protect consumer products. The latest 4G LTE location and tracking systems manage all kinds of valuable assets. Trailers. Golf carts. Watercraft. You name it. Real-time location data proves invaluable when one of these assets goes missing — or someone tries to steal a high-value item. 

Below, learn more about the benefits of asset and inventory management protection with GPS.

How Does GPS Improve Inventory Management?

Once a shipment leaves the warehouse, it's essential to track its location as it moves from Point A to Point B. Otherwise, you can't take swift action if a shipment ends up in the wrong place — or in the wrong hands. Failure to track your inventory can also be a costly mistake. Research shows that inventory "shrink" — the loss of inventory because of theft, error, or fraud — cost the U.S. retail industry an eye-watering $46.8 billion in 2018. Expect that number to be even higher in 2021 as more people purchase products online. 

GPS trackers can solve these issues. These devices monitor shipments as they travel from the warehouse to their final destination, generating location data that prove useful for business owners everywhere. The result? You get unparalleled data insights into inventory management and can prevent shrink. 

GPS tracking benefits inventory management in the following industries and categories:

How Does GPS Improve Asset Management?

Businesses have a wide range of assets that span various categories. Many of these assets are physical items of value that a business needs to facilitate day-to-day tasks. Take a golf course operator, for example. It might own 50 golf carts that transport golfers from one side of the course to the other. What happens if one of those carts goes missing? Or somebody steals one? A single missing asset can have a detrimental financial impact on that company and impact its business operations. 

GPS trackers improve asset management by providing business owners with real-time insights into their most valuable possessions. Using the golf cart example above, an operator can use GPS to track its fleet of golf carts and receive notifications if one of those carts leaves a particular location. It's all made possible by a technology called geofencing, which triggers a pre-determined action — like sending the golf course owner an email notification — when an item exits a specific geographical location called a geo-fence. 

How Does Asset and Inventory Management Protection With GPS Work?

GPS trackers receive signals from one of 30 satellites that circle planet Earth. These trackers calculate the distance from three or more of these satellites to determine the location of a shipment or high-value asset like a golf cart. This technology has become extremely sophisticated and can pinpoint the location of items with a very high level of accuracy.

How Does LandAirSea Help With Inventory and Asset Management?

LandAirSea, the No.1 GPS location sharing and tracking system provider, has a wide range of technologies that make it easy to manage all kinds of inventories and assets. This 4G LTE GPS tracker, for example, monitors and analyzes location data so you can monitor your supply chains and valuables 24 hours a day. Just attach one of the dustproof and waterproof trackers to a product, pallet, package, vehicle, or asset and access data about its whereabouts from your computer or smart device in real-time. The tracker has a strong internal magnet that attaches to almost anything. 

LandAirSea provides you with an incredible range of location data for inventory and asset management:

  • Receive email or text notifications when inventory or assets go missing. LandAirSea uses the latest geofencing technology to ensure items are always in the correct location.
  • Improve customer outcomes by tracking inventories and supply chains. Consumers will receive their orders without delays.
  • Add an extra layer of security to asset management by detecting crime and missing valuables. 
  • Enhance accountability within your organization.
  • The trackers have a 6-12 month battery life (when using Powersaver mode)

Final Word

GPS tracking is a critical component of any modern inventory or asset management strategy. By tracking products and valuable assets, you can detect crime, protect your business, and deliver better customer outcomes. Investing in a 4G location sharing and tracking system helps you grow your organization and improve accountability. 

LandAirSea streamlines asset and inventory management protection with GPS, helping organizations in all niches. Discover more about its 4G LTE products here.

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