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Benefits of GPS for Storm Chasing and How It Improves Safety

Benefits of GPS for Storm Chasing and How It Improves Safety

Storm chasers come in all shades, from adrenaline junkies to professional scientists who study the weather. GPS for storm chasing can make this activity a lot safer, helping "chasers" know their exact location, even in a severe tornado, hurricane, or another weather event. Storm chasers use GPS alongside weather monitoring equipment like video cameras and portable weather stations to observe storms up-close and record data. In this guide, learn more about GPS for storm chasing and how LandAirSea (LAS) helps chasers pinpoint their location and find other members of their team. 

Why Storm Chasers Use GPS

GPS is a system of over 30 satellites that navigate planet Earth. These satellites deliver signals to receivers in smartphones and standalone GPS devices, helping people calculate their precise location. Various sectors use GPS, such as aviation, agriculture, and road transportation. 

GPS for storm chasing can save lives in an extreme storm. Chasers use this technology to improve navigation and routing, helping them remove themselves from dangerous weather-related situations. Also, storm chasers use GPS to view or take photos of weather phenomena. The best GPS trackers show tornadoes and other powerful weather formations on real-time maps, making it easier to move closer to or further from a storm, depending on the situation. 

If a storm becomes too severe, storm chasers use GPS to share their location with other team members, family, friends, or even emergency and rescue services. Small handheld devices like those made by LAS can provide chasers with a way to quickly communicate their location to other people. 

GPS for Storm Chasing: How LAS Helps

Storm chasers use GPS products from LAS because these compact trackers allow you to navigate your surroundings when following weather phenomena and provide other people with real-time location information. LAS devices like the LandAirSea 54 track your location accurately and deliver location data to a smartphone or computer through the Silvercloud app. You connect your GPS tracker to your vehicle or equipment with the provided magnets and set up real-time location notifications. 

Other Uses for LAS GPS Trackers

Whether you chase storms professionally or as a hobby, LandAirSea's GPS trackers prove useful in other areas of your life:

  • Attach a GPS tracker to your vehicle and track its location in the event of theft. You can share GPS data with law enforcement (who might be able to recover your vehicle) or insurance companies. 
  • Connect a tracker to expensive equipment in your home or business and receive real-time location data.
  • Fix a tracker to your backpack if you go hiking and enable friends and relatives to locate you if you get lost. 
  • Use a tracker to monitor fleets of vehicles in your business. You can find out how long it takes drivers to get to a location and identify any stops they make on the way. That can improve productivity and performance in your organization. 

Why Storm Chasers Use GPS Products From LAS

LAS trackers come with these benefits:

Customer Service

LAS' customer service team helps storm chasers use GPS and set up their devices. You can also read online tutorials with technical advice here

Mobile App

The Silvercloud app, available on the Apple Store or Google Play, makes it easy to track your location during storm chasing. 


LAS devices can cost up to 80% less than other GPS products on the market. 


All LAS products come with long-lasting batteries. The LandAirSea Overdrive, for example, has a battery that lasts for up to four years before you have to recharge it. 

Want to know the best products storm chasers use? Contact LAS.

Final Word

Storm chasing can be a dangerous pursuit. Using GPS for storm chasing provides peace of mind, letting you track your location in adverse weather, skillfully navigate storms, and share real-time information with other people. Storm chasers use GPS products from LAS because these trackers are easy to set up, come with long-lasting batteries, and cost less money than many similar products on the market. 

You can call LAS at 847-462-8100 or send a message to for more information about GPS for storm chasing. You can also view LAS' full range of surveillance products here

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