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Why Commercial Businesses Need GPS Trackers

Why Commercial Businesses Need GPS Trackers

GPS trackers can help commercial businesses improve several aspects of operations. Some of the ways you might LandAirSea commercial GPS devices include the following.

Prevent Vehicle and Asset Theft

The National Insurance Crime Bureau reports that nearly half a million vehicles were stolen during the first half of 2022. You can report stolen cars to law enforcement, but they probably won’t prioritize the investigation. They have bigger crimes to think about.

What if you could make the job easy for them?

GPS trackers for commercial businesses can give law enforcement specific coordinates that help them find the stolen vehicle, increasing the possibility that they can recover it. They might even find the thieves responsible and prevent them from committing again.

The same concept applies to any asset you want to protect, including construction equipment, shipping containers, golf carts, and electronics.

Improve Supply Chain Efficiency

Global events, including the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine, have damaged global supply chains, making it difficult for some businesses to meet customer and client needs.

GPS trackers for commercial businesses can’t solve every supply chain issue, but they can give you insight into your supply chain so you can identify opportunities for improvement. Perhaps you can find faster routes for your trucks to travel from manufacturing facilities to warehouses.

Even if you can’t improve efficiency, you could avoid issues by anticipating delays. If you know a part you need will not reach your factory on the scheduled date, you don’t need to keep employees waiting. Instead, you can have your workforce focus on projects they can complete without the delayed parts.

Track and Find Inventory Better

Compact GPS trackers make it easier to manage and find inventory. With GPS trackers for commercial businesses, you could:

  • Give employees precise location information so they can get the right item quickly
  • Start using machines to pull items from your inventory
  • Review how many of each item you have and determine when to reorder

Monitor Driver Behaviors

You want your employees to drive company vehicles safely. LandAirSea commercial GPS devices give you access to our Silvercloud app. Silvercloud lets you:

  • Receive alerts when drivers speed or behave recklessly
  • Track driver routes to ensure they don’t stray from their jobs
  • Create short-term Insta-Fences that alert you when a vehicle crosses a border you add to the map

With Silvercloud, you gain more oversight and can encourage drivers to stay safe. You might even discover that you can lower your car insurance payments.

Industries Using LandAirSea Commercial GPS Devices

A broad range of industries find uses for LandAirSea commercial GPS devices. If you don’t see your industry below, see our full list of industries using our GPS trackers and software.

Big Box Retailers

Big box retailers can use GPS trackers to:

  • Improve security and prevent theft
  • Track deliveries so customers know when to expect them
  • Monitor employees on the shop floor
  • Manage deliveries
  • Find insights that can lead to better asset management

Commercial Fleet Management

Commercial fleets can include practically any type of vehicle, including vans, flatbed trucks, buses, and compact cars. If you manage a commercial fleet, GPS trackers could help you:

  • Prevent thieves from stealing your vehicles and cargo
  • Track mileage for accurate reporting
  • Improve asset allocation
  • Monitor drivers for unsafe behaviors and unauthorized breaks


Ecommerce package tracking improves customer services by reducing the anxiety buyers feel while they wait for packages to arrive. With GPS trackers for commercial businesses, they can get real-time updates showing them when to expect their deliveries.

Ecommerce companies can also use GPS trackers to:

  • Manage inventory
  • Improve logistics to lower costs and work more efficiently
  • Track — and potentially reduce — returns and exchanges

Rental Equipment

You don’t want to lose track of expensive rental equipment. What happens if someone rents an item and never returns it? GPS units make it much easier for you to find and retrieve your assets.

Top LandAirSea Commercial GPS Devices

Three LandAirSea commercial GPS devices stand out as models you should consider. The following descriptions should help you decide which GPS trackers for commercial businesses would meet your industry’s needs.

LAS 54 With ShareSpot Location Sharing and Tracking System

The LAS 54 should work well for anyone who wants compact, durable GPS trackers for commercial businesses. Its small size makes it easy for you to hide in vehicles, crates, and other high-value items. It has a dustproof, waterproof design with a built-in internal magnet that lets you place it in stealthy locations.

Depending on how often you want the LAS 54 to report its location, you can expect a fully charged battery to last one to three weeks. You can also use the Silvercloud app to switch the model to “low power mode,” which can extend the battery life for up to six months.

LAS Overdrive With ShareSpot Location Sharing and Tracking System

The LAS Overdrive is a slightly larger GPS tracker for commercial businesses that has a much longer battery life. Depending on the setting you choose, the battery could last up to four weeks. Low power mode can extend the battery life for up to a year.

Like the LAS 54, the Overdrive has a waterproof design with a built-in magnet.


SYNC is the only LandAirSea commercial GPS device that plugs directly into a vehicle’s OBD-II port. As long as the vehicle has power, you can rely on the SYNC to communicate its location. For the most part, the LAS SYNC never runs out of power.

If you want to monitor a fleet of vehicles and you don’t want to hide your tracker from drivers, the LAS SYNC probably matches your needs best.

We Can Help You Choose the Right GPS Tracker

LAS makes a range of GPS trackers for commercial businesses because we know you have unique needs. All our products are designed and manufactured in the U.S. to ensure quality.

Do you need help deciding which LandAirSea commercial GPS devices you should choose? Our experts can review your expectations and recommend GPS trackers that will work well for your business.

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