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GPS Tracking Devices vs. Garmin 

GPS Tracking Devices vs. Garmin 

As you look for GPS products and services for your vehicles, you will likely encounter models from Garmin. The company has worked with GPS technology for over three decades, making it a popular option among consumers.  

Is Garmin different than GPS? In many respects, you could say that they're the same because Garmin products use GPS technology. Garmin also makes some stand-alone GPS devices. At the same time, LandAirSea GPS tracking devices and Garmin products have several differences. 

If you're in the market for a GPS tracking device, you'll need to know the similarities and differences to make an informed decision. So we've put together the following guide to answer some common questions.

GPS Tracking Device vs. Garmin: What Is a GPS Tracking Device?

GPS tracking devices are receivers that communicate with low-orbit satellites. GPS tracking devices use a computational method called trilateration to measure distances and pinpoint locations. This method offers several advantages, such as:

  • Tracking a vehicle's location in real time.
  • Observing a GPS tracking device's location history to determine whether employees drive safely and follow policies.
  • Finding efficient, reliable routes that improve supply chains and customer services.

As you explore GPS tracking devices from LandAirSea and other companies, you will discover that software plays an essential role in the services a device gives you. For example, LAS uses the Silvercloud app, which you can install on Android and iOS devices. You can also access Silvercloud through a web browser.

In many ways, Garmin is different from GPS tracking devices made by LAS because Silvercloud offers rich features like: 

  • Creating temporary borders ("Insta-Fences") and sending alerts when your unit crosses the lines you set.
  • Sharing location information with colleagues.
  • Giving you an overhead view of where every GPS tracking device you own is located. 
  • Playing location histories so you can track employee performance and potentially find stolen assets.

You can learn more about the Silvercloud app here.

What Is Garmin?

Garmin is a company that makes a broad range of GPS products, including watches, satellite communicators, and navigation units. For the most part, Garmin focuses on designing and manufacturing consumer products. 

If you want a GPS device that gives you accurate driving directions, Garmin probably has some options that will appeal to you. Many units can even offer real-time traffic updates that help you choose efficient routes. This option, however, requires connecting to the internet via your smartphone. 

Depending on how often you connect your Garmin device to your smartphone, you could go through quite a bit of data per month. Therefore, monitoring your data usage is a good idea to ensure you don't exceed your plan's allotment. Going over your data plan's limit could lead to high fees that make your Garmin device more expensive. 

GPS Tracking Devices vs. Garmin: What Are the Differences?

GPS tracking devices and Garmin devices have a lot in common. So what are the major differences likely to influence your decision?

LAS GPS Tracking Devices Let You Track Vehicles Without the Driver's Knowledge

In most cases, you want drivers to know that their vehicles have GPS trackers attached to them. If you manage a fleet of vehicles, telling the drivers that their vehicles have GPS trackers lets them know you can review their activities. Most drivers will drive safely and follow other policies because they know you can track them.

In some cases, though, you want to hide your GPS tracker. For example, keeping GPS trackers in your vehicles makes it easier for law enforcement to recover cars and trucks when someone steals them. A stealthy design makes it difficult for the thief to find your GPS tracker. That gives you and the police an advantage.

Garmin is different than GPS tracking devices designed for stealth. Most of them have large screens that drivers mount on their dashboards or windshields. They're as visible as possible because drivers need to view the screens easily without getting distracted from the road. Unfortunately, that makes them ineffective theft deterrents. 

LAS GPS Tracking Devices Help You Manage Multiple Drivers and Vehicles

Garmin makes GPS devices with consumers in mind. They provide a first-person view of the world that helps drivers navigate unfamiliar roads. 

LAS GPS tracking devices and the Silvercloud app give you an overhead view. When you look at the screen, you can view all of your vehicle locations at once. You can also target one vehicle's current position, destination, and history. 

Your drivers might want first-person navigators in their vehicles. However, managers need GPS trackers and software similar to the options from LAS.

LAS GPS Trackers to Consider

At LAS, we sell a few types of GPS trackers that could work well for households and businesses. Some of our most popular models include:

  • LAS 54: A compact GPS tracking device with a strong internal magnet that can attach to most metal surfaces. 
  • LAS Overdrive: A slightly larger GPS tracker with a battery that maintains a charge for up to four weeks when sending updates every 60 seconds or up to a year when kept in "low power mode."
  • LAS SYNC: A GPS tracker that plugs directly into a vehicle's OBD-II port for unlimited battery life.

All of these GPS tracking devices give you access to our Silvercloud app.

You can purchase LAS GPS tracking devices for less than most Garmin devices. The LAS 54 sells for about $30. You also need to get a subscription based on how often you want your unit to transmit its location. For the lowest overall price, sign up for a two-year plan that gives you a 50% discount. You could spend as little as $9.95 per month. Keep in mind that your LAS subscription means your GPS tracking device doesn't need a smartphone to work well. With LAS, you don't need to worry about using more data than you expect.

Final Word

It's not always easy to choose between GPS tracking devices and Garmin devices. If you still have questions, we can help! Reach out to to learn more about how LAS can benefit you!

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