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Protect Your Watercraft and Accessories by Using GPS for Marinas

Protect Your Watercraft and Accessories by Using GPS for Marinas

There were 4,240 watercraft thefts in 2019 — the most recent year statistics are available for this type of crime. Sailboats, pleasure craft, runabouts, and other boat types continue to be at risk of being stolen, even from marinas, prompting boat owners to take matters into their own hands. 

One of the best technologies for theft prevention is GPS units for marinas, enabling owners to track the location of their vehicles and boating accessories on their computers or smartphones. These units can send notifications to users when a boat leaves a pre-determined geographical area or "geofence," such as a marina docking area. With the latest location information, owners can alert law enforcement and retrieve stolen water vehicles. 

GPS trackers like the ones made by LandAirSea (LAS) provide real-time location insights about expensive watercraft, helping you reduce the risk of boat theft. In this blog post, learn more about how to use GPS for boating accessories and water vehicles.

GPS, Explained

The Global Positioning System (GPS) consists of 24 satellites that travel around Earth. These satellites transmit signals to GPS-enabled devices like smartphones and tracking units, helping users calculate the exact location of an object.

GPS receivers like those in LAS products determine their location by calculating the time it takes for a signal to arrive at its location from four or more satellites. You can use this technology to pinpoint the exact location of an object, such as a boat, no matter where it travels. 

The great thing about GPS trackers is that you can create a geofence on a map and receive notifications on a computer or smartphone if your boat leaves that area. Receiving an alert can signify that someone has stolen your vehicle, and you will be able to take quick action to retrieve it. That helps you keep your boat safe and prevent theft from a location like a marina.  

How to Use GPS for Boating Accessories and Watercraft in Marinas

GPS trackers can monitor the location of your boat (and any boating accessories) 24 hours a day. You attach one of these devices to a concealed area of your watercraft and view location information from the comfort of your home. If your boat leaves a specific location like a marina docking area, you can contact law enforcement before thieves get away. Police officers might be able to retrieve your boat and arrest the criminals who took it. 

You can attach a GPS-enabled tracker to each boat if you own several watercraft. LAS lets you monitor several GPS units from one system, making life much easier. You can even use GPS boat tracking to analyze the routes of any employees who use your boats to transport people or goods and ensure they return your water vehicles to a marina at the right time. 

There are other ways to use GPS for boating accessories and watercraft. You can gauge how many miles you (or your employees) have traveled in a boat or identify the best routes to get to a specific location. Consider placing a GPS tracker on other valuable items, too. You might want to attach a GPS-enabled device to a car or truck and prevent criminals from stealing your most prized assets. 

LAS GPS Units for Marinas

LAS has specialized in GPS tracking technology since 1994 and continues to provide the highest-quality GPS-enabled devices for multiple industries. The company's products help you track your boat, watercraft fleet, or boating accessories with the latest ShareSpot technology. Now you can prevent boat theft from marinas on your computer or smartphone. 

It's simple to activate and install GPS units for marinas from LAS. Download the Silvercloud app (available on Google Play and the App Store) and view location data on your smartphone or access real-time information on your computer. You can also receive live updates about the location of your watercraft when you set up text or email notifications. 

LAS lets you share location information with law enforcement, insurance providers, employees, and friends. You can access web-based maps from a customized dashboard on your computer or smartphone and create specific geofences that provide peace of mind. 

What Are the Best GPS Units for Marinas?

Here are three products from LAS that use GPS for boating accessories and watercraft. 

LandAirSea 54

LandAirSea 54 is a popular GPS tracker that uses 4G LTE telematics to provide boat owners with location data. Its waterproof design and built-in magnets allow you to secure this device to multiple areas of your boat. (You can also attach the device to boating accessories such as dry bags and boat fenders.)   

LandAirSea Overdrive

LandAirSea Overdrive has a waterproof design and super-strength magnet that you can attach to your boat or watercraft accessories. Its battery lasts up to four times longer than the one in the LandAirSea 54, saving you more money over time. You can use this device to receive updates when your boat or accessories leave a pre-determined geofence. 

LandAirSea SYNC

LandAirSea SYNC is another product from LAS that helps you protect expensive equipment. Unlike LandAirSea 54, SYNC connects to your car's OBD-II port, making it a great way to prevent auto theft. Another benefit of the LandAirSea SYNC is that it takes power from your car, meaning you never have to charge it.  

Why Choose LAS?

LAS isn't the only company that manufactures GPS units for marinas, but many boat owners purchase its products for these reasons:

Customer Service

LAS offers world-class customer service. You can talk to a company rep via phone or email about how to use GPS for boating accessories and watercraft. 

Long Battery Life

The LandAirSea 54 comes with 12-month battery life; the LandAirSea Overdrive can last for up to four years before it needs recharging.

ShareSpot Technology

LAS relies on ShareSpot technology to provide real-time location insights about watercraft in marinas. Using this information can help you prevent boat theft and safeguard expensive accessories. 


LAS products cost up to 80% less than other GPS trackers, and there are no contracts or activation fees.  

Better GPS Management

Manage your technology from one SaaS system if you have multiple GPS trackers. 


Watercraft theft can prove lucrative for criminals, meaning your boats are always at risk—even when docked in a marina. You can solve this growing problem by investing in a GPS tracker that monitors your watercraft and accessories and generates up-to-date location information. With the right GPS device, you can receive notifications when your assets leave a particular area and quickly take action to retrieve your items. 

Order LAS tracking products now!

Contact LandAirSea at 847-462-8100 or email to discover more about how to use GPS for boating accessories and watercraft. 

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