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What are the Benefits of GPS Units for Law Enforcement Agencies in 2022?

What are the Benefits of GPS Units for Law Enforcement Agencies in 2022?

The problem of 'porch pirates' — people who steal packages from outside other people's homes — is an enormous concern in some California neighborhoods. So police officers are leaving fake packages with GPS tracking devices inside on doorsteps to catch these criminals. When someone takes a package, officers receive notifications on their cell phones and access real-time location information to bring porch pirates to justice.

The example above is just one of many ways law enforcement uses the latest GPS technology to fight crime. Once exclusively used by the military, GPS now helps police forces, sheriff departments, and federal and state agencies remove inefficiencies, improve productivity, and carry out day-to-day tasks. LandAirSea's incredible range of GPS solutions provides law enforcement with effective navigation tools for evidence collection, asset tracking, inventory management, and compliance. Here are the benefits of GPS units for law enforcement agencies.

Why Should Law Enforcement Use GPS?

Here are some of the reasons why law enforcement departments should invest in GPS technology:

  • Identify the whereabouts of law enforcement team members with detailed timesheets based on start and stop locations.
  • Analyze vehicle routes of employees as they drive to different places.
  • Track suspected criminals and use location data to support legal cases.
  • Provide evidence to insurance companies about lost and stolen items.
  • Protect high-value assets from theft, damage, and loss.
  • Share location data with other departments, contractors, victims, and the general public.
  • Reduce vehicle liability with driving reports and customizable system alerts on your smartphone.

Learn more about the benefits of using GPS units for law enforcement agencies in more detail below:

Evidence Collection

GPS tracking devices can provide law enforcement with important evidence about a crime. Fitting a GPS tracker to a suspected criminal's vehicle, for example, might prove the location of that person at a specific time. Law enforcement can use this information when deciding whether to arrest or prosecute someone.

How LAS Helps

Our GPS units for law enforcement agencies can help you collect evidence against suspects by providing real-time information about a person's whereabouts. Using these trackers is simple. Just attach one to a vehicle, bag, asset, or other item and receive location information in our Silvercloud app.

Asset Protection

GPS tracking can also be useful for protecting assets such as vehicles and high-value items. By attaching a GPS tracker to a vehicle, for example, law enforcement can pinpoint its location if it goes missing and recover the vehicle using the latest geofencing technology and real-time maps. Law enforcement departments and agencies can also use GPS tracking tools as evidence for insurance companies if someone steals or loses an asset.

How LAS Helps

Our state-of-the-art GPS units for law enforcement agencies can protect your most valuable assets and recover damaged, lost, or stolen items quickly. Say an employee uses a vehicle to work on a case but doesn't return the vehicle to your department. Having access to the latest GPS data can identify the vehicle's location in mere minutes. If an employee requires assistance but other communication technologies don't provide an accurate location, our GPS trackers can act as a 'backup' for locating the employee.

Inventory Management

Law enforcement might have hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of inventory such as uniforms, body cameras, flashlights, handcuffs, computers, and belts. With GPS technology, police, sheriff departments, and other law enforcement professionals can track and monitor all items used by personnel and quickly locate stolen or missing valuables.

How LAS Helps

Our GPS units for law enforcement agencies help you track inventory by determining the exact location of your items at all times. Say a body camera with a GPS tracker attached to it goes missing from your storage unit. You can ascertain the camera's route and destination with our Silvercloud app on your smartphone. Follow the location data to recover the item or hold someone responsible for its loss. You can also work out when the camera left your building and who was on duty at the time.


GPS can improve compliance procedures for law enforcement teams by providing real-time location information on a desktop computer or smartphone. Police officers, for example, can prove they were at a particular location at a specific time and completed a task within a reasonable timeframe.

How LAS Helps

Our GPS technology improves compliance and accountability by tracking law enforcement professionals on a day-to-day basis. You can use the location data generated by GPS units for law enforcement agencies to improve productivity in your organization, as well as employee performance.

Which Law Enforcement Agencies Use GPS?

Here are some of the law enforcement agencies that use GPS to improve evidence collection, asset management, tracking, and compliance:

  • Police/sheriff departments
  • Border security forces
  • Highway patrol teams
  • Court bailiff departments

How to Choose the Right GPS Units for Law Enforcement Agencies

Law enforcement departments have limited budgets for monitoring suspects, employees, vehicles, and high-value assets. Using our GPS units for law enforcement agencies can help you reduce costs and free up resources. For example, you can generate a return on your investment when you use GPS trackers to monitor equipment used by employees. Or improve transportation routes for drivers who need to get to a crime scene in a quicker timeframe. Our GPS products provide you with the location insights you need.

Our most popular GPS units for law enforcement agencies include:

  • LandAirSea 54, which monitors your assets and the people who use them. Just attach one of these trackers to an item and check location data through your desktop computer or mobile app.
  • LandAirSea 2020, which provides location data about every component of your organization. You can also attach one of these devices to an item to track the location of a person or object on a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Both the LandAirSea 54 and LandAirSea 2020 come with adapters or industrial-strength magnets that attach to all kinds of items.

Why Choose LAS When Buying GPS Units for Law Enforcement Agencies?

Here are some of the advantages of investing in GPS units for law enforcement agencies at LAS:

Excellent Customer Service

We provide 24/7 customer service so you can troubleshoot issues and set up GPS units without the stress.

iOS/Android App

Download our Silvercloud app via the Apple Store or Google Play.

No Fees or Contracts

We don't charge any activation fees when you use our GPS trackers. There are no contracts, either.

Battery Life

The batteries in LAS devices can last for up to 1 year. You can save even more battery power with Powersaver mode.

Simple Set-Up

Our devices come with built-in magnets or adapter cables.


Our products can cost up to 80 percent less than other GPS Units for law enforcement agencies on the market.

GPS Units for Law Enforcement Agencies: Final Word

GPS technology provides law enforcement with multiple benefits for evidence collection, asset protection, inventory management, and compliance. Investing in a GPS tracker can help you locate high-value items, track employee performance, and add an extra layer of security to your day-to-day operations. You can generate real-time insights into multiple law enforcement workflows and make it easier to execute tasks.

LandAirSea's location sharing and tracking systems can improve everyday operations for law enforcement professionals worldwide. Call 847-462-8100 or email to discover more.

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