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Why Do I Need GPS?

Why Do I Need GPS?

Are you asking yourself, "Why do I need GPS?" Do you have questions about how GPS devices work or the value they can potentially bring? Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about tracking devices and why you should use one.

What is a GPS tracking device?

There are two primary types of GPS units on the market: GPS navigation systems and GPS tracking devices. LandAirSea specializes in the latter, offering units designed to be secured to an asset-be it equipment, a shipment, or something other-so that stakeholders can receive real-time location updates.

Understanding how a GPS device works is important, but it still doesn't answer the big question: Why do I need GPS? A GPS device can be very helpful to individuals and businesses, so let's explore the benefits.

Why do I need GPS?

You know how a GPS works, but you're still asked, "Why do I need GPS?" The answer depends on your use case. For instance, with a GPS tracking device, a business can keep tabs on its assets anywhere in the world. These devices can alert you when an asset leaves a specific area, which helps construction firms, agricultural operations, and other organizations know when equipment is being used (or misused). With a GPS tracking device, businesses can prevent theft, recover lost equipment, and track usage with ease.

As an individual wondering why you need GPS, you'll find countless advantages in keeping everything from luggage to prized valuables and vehicles safe. In the event of loss or theft, a GPS tracker is the only way to near guarantee the return of your most special items.

How accurate is a GPS tracker?

We've answered the question, "Why do I need GPS?" Now, let's explain the details- like accuracy. Most GPS tracking units provide incredible accuracy, down to mere feet within the actual physical location of the tracker. This allows you to identify the location of assets with confidence, allowing you to locate equipment or help the authorities find stolen equipment with ease and speed.

Of course, the accuracy of a GPS tracker can vary, though, depending on the signal strength and other aspects. So, if you've answered "Why do I need GPS?" and now you're wondering, "Which GPS should I get?" it's best to look for a reputable manufacturer like LandAirSea.

Can GPS trackers identify speed?

Some GPS tracking units can tell you when a certain speed is exceeded, which is useful for rental operations. For instance, a snowmobile rental operation can use GPS trackers to ensure that renters are being safe and not exceeding a set speed range. If they do, you'll receive an alert, allowing you to take appropriate action and either revoke their riding privileges or send out a guide to accompany them.

With all the potential use cases, asking "Why do I need GPS?" can begin to sound rhetorical. What matters is that you find a device with the flexibility and features you expect, like alerts.

Do GPS trackers send alerts?

All GPS tracking devices from LandAidSea can be configured to send you custom alerts and notifications when you need them. For instance, you can get notified when the tracker detects movement or if it leaves your designated geofence area. You can also get notifications relating to speed or the amount of time the tracker has been in one place. Configuring custom notifications will allow you to make the most out of your GPS tracking units.

So, "Why do I need GPS?" is an easy question to answer with all of these features in mind. Now, let's consider the day-to-day operation of your GPS unit.

Are GPS trackers rechargeable?

You can find a few types of GPS trackers on the market. Some operate on replaceable batteries, providing wireless operating convenience, while others work on rechargeable batteries. If you have a battery-powered GPS tracker, you'll want to refer to the owner's manual to check how various settings (like the frequency of location updates) will impact battery life.

Some GPS tracking units can also be hardwired into a power source, which is ideal for tracking vehicles and equipment that have a power source available for the tracker to use. With a hardwired tracking unit, the GPS device will always have power, and you won't have to worry about batteries dying or becoming damaged. However, some hardwired units do have a rechargeable battery available as a backup.

How durable are GPS trackers?

GPS trackers come with various features depending on their intended use. For instance, some GPS tracking units are waterproof, making them ideal for tracking vehicles and equipment that has to face the elements. Consider the conditions in which your GPS tracker needs to operate to help you determine if a waterproof design, or waterproof case, is necessary.

Will I need a subscription for my GPS tracker?

No GPS unit will work unless you have an active subscription. Most GPS tracking units use cellular data to transmit location information and send notifications, so these units come equipped with a SIM card (similar to the SIM card in your mobile phone). This SIM card requires a subscription in order to continue operating. Some devices are sold with a few months of service included.

Typically, the longer you pay for service in advance, the cheaper the service will cost. The cost of service ranges from one manufacturer to the next, and rates can change over time. Refer to your user manual if you're wondering how to set up a service for your LandAirSea device. You'll need to confirm your device using a piece of information, like a serial number, so that the service can be activated for your SIM card.

Do I need to update my GPS tracker?

Over time, it's possible that your GPS tracker will require a firmware update. The device will likely need to be plugged into your computer to download and install the update. You should receive a notification if your device requires an update, and then you'll need to follow the manufacturer's instructions so that you can update the device properly.

How do I get help with my GPS unit?

We've gone through all the advantages and points to answer, "Why do I need GPS?" but you might be wondering something else now. If you have more questions about how your GPS unit operates, LandAirSea can help. Reach out to our friendly team today to get answers to all of your questions and make the most of your tracking unit.

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