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ATV's, Personal Watercraft, Snowmobiles

Watercraft GPS Tracker Tools and More

As ATVs, boats, and snowmobiles keep getting more expensive, protecting these valuable investments is essential. Also, with the high price of these items, they’re more prone to theft. So how can you keep these valuables safe and out of the hands of criminals? The answer lies with GPS trackers. If you’re interested in tracking boats with GPS or knowing where your ATVs or snowmobiles are located at all times, LandAirSea has the GPS trackers for you.

What Is a GPS Tracking Device?

GPS tracking device is a product that allows users to track the location of something or someone. These devices are portable and compact, allowing them to be used on various items, such as ATVs, watercraft, and snowmobiles. It’s also common to see these trackers in cars and trucks.

GPS stands for Global Positioning System, and these devices have been around for several years. However, they are far more advanced today than in years past. Modern GPS trackers not only provide exact details on location, but some devices also offer alerts and notifications. For example, if you have a snowmobile rental business, a snowmobile GPS tracker can alert you if a customer takes the vehicle into a restricted area.

How GPS Trackers Work

GPS units work with the help of various satellites. These satellites, which are connected to the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) network, give you the precise location of your equipment or personal property. However, trilateration is the process that brings everything together. A GPS tracker uses the position of three or more satellites, including the distance from them, to discover the exact latitude, longitude, elevation, and time.

Let’s say you have a GPS tracking device for ATVs. After installing the unit, the data is transmitted to software, allowing you to monitor your asset in real time. These software solutions are intentionally user-friendly and provide a lot of valuable data. As GPS units have various pros and cons, it’s important to find a system that works for your specific needs.

Interested in a GPS tracking device for ATVs? Or how about a snowmobile GPS solution? Whatever the case may be, LandAirSea has the GPS trackers you can depend on.

Benefits of ATV, Boat, and Snowmobile GPS Systems

Buying GPS tracking device for ATVs, boats, and snowmobiles can be a huge step in the right direction. Not only are they affordable, but they also offer the protection your valuable assets deserve.

Advantages of a GPS Tracking Device for ATVs

Real-time location tracking is the leading benefit of GPS trackers for ATVs. However, they’re also used for finding routes when you’re lost. As riders may venture to some remote locations off the beaten path, GPS units help them get back on track.

GPS tracking device for ATVs can also prevent theft and assist in recovery. This is especially useful if you own an ATV rental business. As ATVs can cost upward of $10,000, installing a GPS system is well worth it.

Benefits of Tracking Boats with GPS

While ATVs can be expensive, boats are in a whole different category. Some boats even cost more than a house. This is one reason why tracking boats with GPS is a brilliant idea. Additionally, aside from theft protection, some insurance companies actually give you a discount on your premium if you install a GPS tracker on your boat. 

If you want to learn more about tracking boats with GPS, contact LandAirSea today.

Pros of Snowmobile GPS Units

snowmobile GPS tracker could be just what your valuable asset needs, especially if you own a rental business. One top benefit of these devices is that they can help you recover stolen snowmobiles. As these items can be pretty expensive, this is a huge advantage to consider.

Another leading benefit is peace and mind for both you and your customers, escpecially if there’s a sudden storm or another emergency.

Find Reliable GPS Trackers at LandAirSea

Whether you’re interested in tracking boats with GPS or thinking about throwing a GPS device on your ATV or snowmobile, LandAirSea has the products for you. We have a variety of GPS devices to suit your needs. If you’re a rental shop or personal owner of one of these assets, implementing GPS tracking could be a huge step in the right direction.

While there are several benefits to choosing our GPS trackers, our innovative technology is a leading advantage. We’re happy to use real-time analytics and web-based dashboards to help manage your inventory. And rather than sifting through loads of confusing data, these metrics are displayed on our user-friendly dashboard. But that’s not all—our advanced GPS trackers can also lead to less theft, happier customers, and greater efficiency as an organization.

Learn more about our ATV, personal watercraft, and snowmobile GPS devices today.