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Limousine | Sedan | Bus Companies

LandAirSea (LAS) has your cost competitive, rigorously tested, asset management solution. LandAirSea's unique products can help your transportation company operate more efficiently and effectively. In addition to this, the use of GPS tracking devices can help with driver training and, in turn, elevate customer experience. Imagine knowing your drivers are not only delivering amazing and timely services, but are also enforcing safe driving.

Vehicle Management Real-time location monitoring of all transportation vehicles.

Small & Discrete Devices can be easily hidden using built-in magnets or adapter cables.

Improve Customer Experience Enhance services using ShareSpot to show clients where you are.

Reduce Liability Assess your drivers through reports & customizable system alerts.

Location Identification Complete visibility with geofencing & real-time reporting.

LandAirSea's fleet system can help...

- Curb unsafe driving behavior before it becomes a liability

- Ensure prompt and accurate client pickups

- Easily see where your limos and buses are and proactively dispatch them as needed

- Promote consistent and constant employee training by using our historical dashboard

- Create a dynamic tracking page with your logo, and elevate your customers' experiences