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Porta Potty / Portable Toilet Rentals

LandAirSea GPS tracking solutions can help track and redeploy some of the most important assets at festivals, large events or job sites. Portable toilets are a hot-commodity and you want to be able to ensure that your assets remain onsite and at the location they were contracted for. At the end of the day, having historical information on these "portable commodes" will keep everyone smelling fresh and excited for the next day.

Fleet & Asset Management Monitor & analyze vehicle routes. Validate valuable asset location.

Small & Versatile Use on anything that may require accountability or visual identification.

Improve Customer Experience Utilize NEXTRIDE to inform guests when the next shuttle is arriving via a "white-labeled" event app.

"Powersaver" Mode Verify location daily while taking advantage of a 6-12 month battery life.

LandAirSea's fleet system can help...

- Locate how many assets are with each client or event and verify they're all accounted for

- Have the information needed for billing, asset tracking and/or enhanced accountability

- Provide your clients with a link to allow them to monitor deliveries and ensure promptness

- Dispatch make well-informed decisions to improve relocation time, if necessary