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LandAirSea SYNC - AAA

Original price $74.95 - Original price $74.95
Original price $74.95
$99.00 - $189.00
Current price $99.00


LandAirSea SYNC - 4G LTE Real-Time GPS Tracker for Vehicles & Fleets that plugs into OBD II Port


  • Subscription Pricing: $8.95/month for 3-sec updates
  • OBD II - 4G LTE GPS tracker for vehicles and fleets
  • Pinpoint real-time tracking (accuracy within 6')
  • 100% historical playback 
  • Geofence alerts | Arrival & departure notifications | Speed alerts
  • Plug-and-play OBD II | No batteries or charging required
  • Extensive features available on both APP (Slivercloud APP) and website
  • Monthly subscription fee required based on data refresh rates
  • No Activation Fee

The LandAirSea SYNC is one of the fastest and most reliable real-time GPS telematic devices on the market. Popular among business fleets, the SYNC is also commonly used for personal and family vehicle tracking. This state-of-the-art tracking device is compact, covert and plugs right into the vehicle’s OBD-II port. The device will never need to be charged as it derives power directly from the vehicle.   

      Real-time GPS | Subscription Required

      Battery Life, on 3-sec to 3-min updates | Unlimited (OBD-II device)

      Battery Life, on "Low Power Mode" | Unlimited (OBD-II device)

      Tracking Technology | 4G LTE + Satellite

      Waterproof | No

      Built-in Magnet Mount | No

      Dimensions | H: 2.50" W: 1.89" D: 0.96"

      SIM Included | Monthly Subscription Required. See monthly subscription costs at bottom of this page.

      *Battery life depends on location of unit, access to cellular & GPS signals, refresh rate, temperature and age of LandAirSea asset tracker.  LandAirSea cannot guarantee battery length will last as long as noted above due to factors out of our control.


      LandAirSea SYNC Subscription Pricing